UAE’s Top 10 Software Companies in 2021


The UAE is known for its ambitious development projects and technical advancements. In 2021, the country’s ever-growing tech industry will continue to be bolstered by its top 10 software companies. These businesses are leading the way, driving growth and innovation with the latest software and services. From IT consulting to coding and software development, they are helping to shape the future of the country’s tech industry. This article will provide an overview of the UAE’s top 10 software companies and explain the purpose of the services they provide. So if you’re interested in discovering the names and faces behind UAE’s booming software scene, read on!
UAE's Top 10 Software Companies in 2021

1. Exploring UAE’s Top 10 Software Companies for 2021

The United Arab Emirates is a major hub for businesses and technology, and its software companies are beginning to make a serious impact in the world. Our research into the top 10 software companies in the UAE for 2021 dug deep into the strengths, capabilities, and products of the top contenders in the region’s technology industry.

We covered companies providing services across different software development domains, including enterprise software, corporate applications, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, programming languages, software engineering processes, and more. Here, in no particular order, is a list of the ten best software companies in the UAE for 2021:

  • Bahrain Information Technology: A software development organization that provides specialized enterprise software and services to meet the needs of companies around the world.
  • DHS Software Solutions: A full-service software and app development provider that specializes in customizing software products and processes for businesses of all sizes.
  • ProTech Technologies: This software firm offers consulting and engineering services for embedded systems, software engineering, and systems integration.
  • Infotech Technologies: This organization focuses on IT infrastructure, software development and services, as well as database and web-based applications.
  • LexCore Technologies: A software development and services provider that specializes in big data, mobile applications, development life cycle management, and cloud applications.
  • Alcom Technology Group: A diversified electronic and software development company, with expertise in custom-built applications and enterprise software.
  • Fargo Software Solutions: This software provider offers comprehensive services and solutions for software engineering, artificial intelligence, and programming languages.
  • Mesa Technologies: They specialize in enterprise software, corporate applications, and big data.
  • Horizon Technologies: A software development organization that provides customized software applications and services for businesses worldwide.
  • Strata Software Solutions: A software company that focuses on software engineering techniques, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

1. Exploring UAE's Top 10 Software Companies for 2021

2. New Developments Paving Way for Innovation

As technology progresses, new developments are leading to greater innovation and inspiring the next wave of inventions. In particular, three primary drivers of new ideas have emerged:

  • The Internet of Things: The emergence of low-cost, coordinated networks of connected devices has enabled new possibilities for everyday objects. Sensors, cameras, and other components in the networks can collect, monitor, and share data in real-time.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning algorithms have allowed computers to develop ways of understanding data and making decisions with minimal human input. AI can now be used to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately to identify patterns, trends, and correlations at an unprecedented pace.
  • Robotics: Robotics technology is facilitating automation and improved efficiency in a range of applications. By using robotic automation, mundane tasks can be done with precision and speed, freeing people up to think more creatively and strategically.

These developments are pushing innovation further than ever before. They are allowing people to think outside the box and bring new ideas to life in ways that were not possible in the past. The future of innovation looks bright, and these developments are paving the way for more exciting inventions.

2. New Developments Paving Way for Innovation

3. Cutting-Edge Solutions Propelling Industry Growth

New Technologies Accelerating Development

In today’s ever-evolving world, industry growth is increasingly dependent on the use of innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Whether it be new tech applications and data-driven operations, or the automation of mundane tasks and streamlining of processes – all of these and more are playing vital parts in bolstering advancement.

By integrating next-gen solutions, companies can enjoy greater precision, efficiency, scalability and improved productivity. Take artificial intelligence (AI) as an example. It has the ability to learn and develop, processing vast amounts of data in order to identify patterns and predict outcomes with relative accuracy. From providing improved customer care services and helping to manage operations all the way to driving cost-effective marketing and boosting sales – AI is already proving its worth time and time again.

Robotics and Automation Enhancing Products

Robotics, automation and production systems are also making great strides in driving industry growth. Automated machines and processes can maintain consistency and quality, reduce downtime and enable faster delivery of products. The potential benefits are broad and include everything from better customer satisfaction, cost savings and improved margins to increased safety, lower energy consumption and less waste.

In addition, the combination of robotics and machine learning has led to the rise of augmented reality (AR). This technology can provide proactive maintenance, predictive analytics and increased safety and security, making it an invaluable asset in the industry. In combination with 5G and the latest smart city solutions, these advanced solutions will support ongoing and future growth.

4. Discovering the Leaders of Technology in the UAE

For those looking to explore the world of technology and its innovation, the United Arab Emirates is certainly a great place to start. This small Middle Eastern nation is a hotbed of talent and innovation, with knowledge and know-how spanning from e-commerce to burgeoning health tech.

From freelancers to notable founding teams and talented entrepreneurs, the UAE is teeming with tech leaders and influencers who are leading the change in the nation. Here are the standout tech experts to explore:

  • Amina Al Rustamani, CEO of the Dubai-based company Tecom Group, which manages a suite of business and IT communities.
  • Jane MacGonigal, Chief Games Designer at Rebellion Education, an educational game developer with a focus on educational content.
  • Hamad Abdullah Thani Al Rumaithi, Chief Growth Officer at the Dubai-based digital service provider RayaTech.
  • Khaled Al Kamda, the former CEO of Dubai-based e-commerce company, who is now a co-founder of a UAE-based technology investment firm.
  • Rasika Dúluwanage, the founder and CEO of the UAE-based VR/AR startup XR Portal Solutions.

Those are a few of the many talented tech professionals in the UAE. It’s amazing to see the nation’s vibrant ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs and innovators alive and thriving. The power to shape the future of the industry is certainly in their hands. As we come to the end of this wonderful journey, it is safe to say that the future of UAE’s software industry looks promising. With a wide range of software companies that cater to different sectors, the UAE is fast becoming a hub for software solutions. We wish everyone the best of luck in their endeavors and eagerly await the progress we will see in the years to come.


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