Top 10 Software Companies in UAE Ranked by TDR


When it comes to the top software companies in the UAE, there are many ways to measure success. Whether it’s total revenue, awards won, or customer satisfaction ratings, each company has a unique approach that has propelled them to the top ranks in the country. Today, we will be looking at a ranking by The Digital Research (TDR) to see which of the software companies in the UAE ranked the highest. Without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 software companies in the UAE ranked by TDR.
Top 10 Software Companies in UAE Ranked by TDR

1. The UAE’s Top 10 Software Giants

The UAE is home to an ever-growing number of leading-edge software companies. Here is a list of the ten most successful software giants of the UAE:

  • EaSynthetix, a smart city development software provider
  • Yemeni Labs, a computer systems integration company
  • Kani Solutions, a provider of enterprise software solutions
  • Helio Technologies, a software reseller for government and private sector clients
  • Lanq Technologies, a software development firm
  • Neuron Data Labs, a big data analytics company
  • ME Technology, a provider of blockchain-based payments and decentralized apps
  • E-Builders, a provider of web services and mobile application development
  • TTS Software, a software development and consulting firm
  • Fusion Technologies, a corporate cloud computing and Big Data solutions provider

These ten software giants are paving the way for a prosperous and tech-driven future in the UAE, offering the latest technologies, platform integration, and data-driven solutions with their highly experienced, cutting-edge teams. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced management teams, these companies are leading the way in the development of the smart economy of the UAE.

1. The UAE's Top 10 Software Giants

2. Ranking the UAE’s Software Conquerors

The UAE may be a small country, but it has an extraordinary collection of software experts and entrepreneurs. From web development to digital marketing, these innovators have their hand in almost every aspect of technology. Here is a list of some of the biggest names in the UAE’s technology industry:

  • Satya Nadella: Satya is the CEO of Microsoft, a leading provider of software solutions. He is also the founder of Qworum, a platform that enables businesses to create, manage, and optimize their digital assets.
  • Bhavin Turakhia: Bhavin is the founder and CEO of Directi, a web services provider. He is also the co-founder of Radix, a registry dedicated to web registry services.
  • Jawad Aslam: Jawad is the head of RMPD, a digital transformation consultancy for retail industries. He is also the founder of the platform, which offers customers exposure to new businesses.
  • Mohanad Alwadiya: Mohanad is the CEO and founder of The Hype, a creative agency focused on digital marketing for tech companies. He is also the founder of The Knowledge Hub, a digital platform for freelance developers.
  • Mousa Ghazawneh: Mousa is the founder and CEO of AppSavvy, a software development consultancy. He is also the founder of StartupFinder, an online platform which helps tech entrepreneurs find funding and resources.

These individuals have profoundly shaped the UAE’s software landscape. Through their efforts, more individuals have access to the world of technology, and the country is better prepared to take advantage of all the possibilities it may bring.
2. Ranking the UAE's Software Conquerors

3. Delving into the UAE Software Scene: Who Made the Cut?

When it comes to software development in the United Arab Emirates, the scene is rich with potential and bustling with talent. Our individuals and organizations have made a name for themselves in the software industry, bringing forth incredible products and applications that are hailed across the globe. Here, we take a quick look at the local technologists who have made their mark!

  • Amal Al Amadi : Founder of Tuniq, Amal is working towards a more efficient and transparent development process for applications. She created Tuniq to help streamline the software creation and quality assurance processes for developers.
  • Faisal Thaalbi : ABAAC Technology’s Chief Technical Officer, Faisal has single-handedly developed an online platform used by customers to purchase and manage car insurance policies.
  • Hamad Alkot : Founder of InserTech, Hamad works to deliver smart products and software solutions between the Middle East and other countries.
  • Mustafa Al-Marzouk : A researcher at the Mirage Technology Institute, Mustafa developed an artificial intelligence system to recognize objects in images.

It takes tremendous amounts of passion, courage and technical acumen to make your mark in the UAE’s tech scene. These individuals have done just that and more through their incredible works. Let’s hail and celebrate their successes!

4. Joining the UAE Software Revolution: Who Are the Top Players?

The Emirates are quickly soaring to the top of the tech sector with their progressive software revolution. Boasting big-name players like Microsoft and IBM, the area is becoming a direct competitor on the international market. The UAE development community boasts a wide range of tech talent, which has resulted in the creation of the following top players:

  • Hexabit: This technology consultancy creates custom software solutions for its clients.
  • GitHub: With 200,000 users and 19 million projects, GitHub is the web’s leading open source software repository.
  • Carbon5: This IT services provider is has quickly become a popular name in the domain of software development.
  • IBM: It should come as no surprise that the leader of the global enterprise software industry is also leading the charge in the UAE.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft’s regional hub in Dubai has enabled them to make waves in the Emirati software scene.

Empowered by the UAE’s stellar support system, innovative tech start-ups are popping up everywhere in the area and joining the software industry on a whole different level.

As you can see, the UAE’s software industry continues to rise and is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant and successful in the world. It’s up to its top 10 software companies to lead the charge and make sure that its visitors and citizens are provided with the most innovative, efficient, and secure services. These companies, working together with startups and established software firms, are sure to enable the country to reach higher heights in the years to come.


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