Top Ten Software Companies in UAE Rated by TDR


For those looking to start a tech business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), understanding which software companies are most successful is key. Thus, to give insight into this industry, we’ll be looking at the “Top Ten Software Companies in UAE Rated by TDR”. With these ratings, we can easily find out the high-end software companies that are leading the field in the UAE. So, read on to find out which companies have been setting the gold-standard in UAE’s software industry.
Top Ten Software Companies in UAE Rated by TDR

1. Exploring the Top 10 Software Firms in the UAE

The UAE has its fair share of impressive software firms that have been catering to the needs of its business owners. Here are the top 10 software firms that are sure to help transform your business in today’s digital world.

  • Relume Technologies: This software firm is well established in the region and has been providing exceptional services for its clients. Its customizable solutions make it highly popular among businesses.
  • Kiln Wreck Software: Kiln Wreck Software offers advanced solutions that work towards elevating customer satisfaction. Its customer-centered software solutions make them a top choice in the UAE.
  • Alien Byte Software: This firm takes a dynamic approach to software development, offering advanced technology solutions that deliver results. Their comprehensive software solutions make them an ideal candidate for businesses.

Other software firms that also deserve a look include AppUniverse, UniBiz Solutions, Microsoft Corporation, Infosys Ltd., Fujitsu, Datacombi Design, and Oracle. Each specializes in different aspects of software development and have a proven track record in providing quality services for their respective customers. Whether your needs require software customization or a specialized software solution, the UAE’s top 10 software firms can cater to your needs.
1. Exploring the Top 10 Software Firms in the UAE

2. Unpacking the TDR Rating System

The TDR rating system is deceptively complex. A score of 2 or 3 stars has a very different meaning for a successful service business, as compared to a restaurant or hotel. And a TDR rating of 5 stars might mean something very different from one industry to another.

Before diving into the details, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of the TDR rating system. First of all, it is based on five different components – Quality, Value, Performance, Customer Service, and Compliance. Each component is rated from zero to five stars. Furthermore, the system evaluates organization-wide performance, taking the whole entity into consideration rather than individual performance within an organization.

  • Quality – reflects the organization’s technical performance as well as the overall quality of service/products.
  • Value – looks at the price range of goods and services, their competitive nature and the overall worth of each item.
  • Performance – evaluates the accreditation status of the organization, the speed at which goods are delivered, and the satisfaction level of customers.
  • Customer Service – assesses the quality of customer help, feedback, and communication.
  • Compliance – reviews the adherence to industry regulations and elements of corporate governance.

2. Unpacking the TDR Rating System

3. Highlights of the Top 10 UAE Software Companies

1. PentaSecure Technologies – Founded Sometime in 2003 at Dubai, this top-tier Software Company has developed vastly and is now a leading supplier of IT Solutions and advanced Security Services in the Middle East, North Africa and heavily invested in the Subcontinent of India. This highly reputed Software Company has achieved various awards and recognition for its well-planned and creative product portfolio.

2. Fed-sof Technologies – Fed-sof Technologies is a full stack technology solutions provider and a reliable consulting agency. They have a well-maintained list of over 500 satisfied clients from the top ranking of the UAE, which makes them one of the top Software Companies in the country. With a well-structured team possessing a vast experience, skilled in implementing solutions using Agile and Lean methodologies, Fed-sof has a respectable reputation in the software industry.

  • Provides complete Mobile-Native solutions
  • Expertise in modernized content management solutions
  • Proficient in Research and Analysis
  • Awards and Recognition by the Gartner group
  • Expertise in eCommerce Solutions

4. An Overview of UAE’s Prominent Software Sector

Driving Upward Momentum

The software sector in the UAE has been a dynamic force in the economy for several years, gradually increasing in size and growing stronger in its contributions to the market. The country’s advancements in the software and technology space has even been recognized by the World Bank, with their Global Information Technology Report 2020 (GITR) placing the UAE as one of the leading countries in the world. The competitive advantage of the UAE lies in the strong infrastructure that the government invests in, the fact that English is one of the official languages, and tremendous access to international talent.

Vibrant Ecosystem

As a result, many big-name companies and startups are establishing their presence in the region, where a vibrant ecosystem for these companies and entrepreneurs is established. Additionally, the regulations and policies of the government have created a favorable environment for technological startups. This creates a wealth of opportunities for both established companies and emerging startups alike, such as:

  • Variety of funding sources
  • Support from governmental agencies
  • Global and regional access to talent
  • Unencumbered access to the global market
  • Industry-leading development initiatives

The UAE is setting the benchmark for software innovation in the region, and companies can benefit from the convenience, efficiency and access to resources that the nation offers. When it comes to software companies in the United Arab Emirates, the list of top ten rated by TDR is sure to offer something for everyone’s computing needs. All our highlighted companies provide reliable and quality services, giving you a complete assurance of quality and seamless data and infrastructure management. With a wide range of services and excellent customer support, these firms are sure to provide an unbeatable user experience and ensure that your technology projects are completed on time and on budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best services from these top-rated software companies in the UAE!


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