Top Ten Software Companies in UAE Ranked by TDR


The IT sector in the United Arab Emirates is booming, with many innovative and successful software companies emerging in the market. Ranking these companies is a difficult task, but TDR (Technology Development Reports) has managed to do it, creating a list of the top ten software companies in the UAE based on its detailed research. Let’s take a look at the list and the reasons that made these companies stand out from the rest.
Top Ten Software Companies in UAE Ranked by TDR

1. Ranking UAE Software Companies: The Definitive 2019 Guide

The UAE is well-known for hosting some of the world’s leading software companies that offer reliable services in the tech and IT sector. With plenty of software companies in the country, and more popping up every day, it can be difficult to keep up!

To try to make things simpler, we have compiled this definitive guide of the UAE’s top software companies in 2019. Take a look and find out who is leading the game!

  • WafaTech – Established in 2010, this software consultancy has been dominating the industry for almost a decade now. Their comprehensive suite of software solutions for businesses of all sizes delivers the highest standards of technology, speed, and accuracy.
  • Nethow Solutions – This innovative enterprise specializes in developing custom software solutions, from mobile and web applications to integrated business applications. Their highly-skilled team provide robust, secure, and reliable solutions in both the UAE and international markets.
  • IQSystems – Since 2001, this award-winning company has been delivering stunning software solutions across a variety of different fields, including financial services, healthcare, education, and government. They consistently exceed client expectations, making them a favorite when it comes to software consultancy in the UAE.
  • Brightpoint Solutions – This leading software firm has been a mainstay in the tech industry since it was established in 2005. Their services cover a full range of tech needs, from software development and integration, to application support and deployment, making them an all-in-one powerhouse.
  • Softdot Solutions –This software firm offers enterprise-level services to businesses and government organizations of all sizes. As one of the industry’s most trusted companies, they are known to consistently deliver top-notch technology with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

That wraps up our list for the top software firms in the UAE for 2019. We hope that this guide has made your search a little easier, and good luck choosing the perfect one for your needs!
1. Ranking UAE Software Companies: The Definitive 2019 Guide

2. Which Companies Are Propelling UAE Tech Forward?

The tech industry in the UAE is bustling with activity and innovation, with major companies leading the way. Big names like Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle are making huge investments in the region and setting the tone for advanced development and innovation.

But it’s not just the big names driving progress, the UAE tech scene is home to numerous startups and innovative companies that are driving progress and helping to shape the technological landscape of the future. Companies like Careem, Souqalmal, and Reserveout lead the charge in their respective industries while also helping bolster the UAE as a premier destination for modern technology. Notable examples of how these organisations are advancing technology in the UAE include Careem’s innovative ride-hailing platform and Souqalmal’s price comparison services.

2. Which Companies Are Propelling UAE Tech Forward?

3. The Top Ten Software Companies in UAE Ranked by TDR

The tech industry in the UAE has grown steadily in recent years, with many of the top ten software companies now located there. These top performers are not just making valuable contributions to the Middle East, but bringing about big changes globally as well. With their high standards, agile workflows and innovative approaches to problem solving – these are the ten Software Companies in the UAE that have earned the top spot according to the TDR Ranking:

  • Rakuten UAE – The Japanese tech giant has made its presence felt in the UAE, providing leading online services and e-commerce opportunities.
  • Kantara Group – A world-renowned software company with decades of experience in cutting edge East-meets-West innovation.
  • Taqtiqa – A leading IT solutions firm that specializes in latest features like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
  • Thawani Telecommunications – A tech giant that focuses on transforming the digital landscape.
  • Tectrade – A leader in software-as-a-service, delivering cloud-based solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • UAE Telecoms – This UAE-based technology provider is known for their top-of-line telecom services.
  • Al-Haya’a – A cutting edge software company providing AI-assisted support systems.
  • Olympus Media – This start-up offers innovative media streaming services to users.
  • Ducon Technologies – A well-known software company in the Middle East that demonstrates admirable attention to detail.
  • Akaamar Tech – A reliable provider of mobile technology and telecoms solutions.

From the familiar tech giant Rakuten to the local start-up Olympus Media, the UAE is full of dynamic Software Companies – each having their own niche in the industry and each at the frontline of innovation in their own way.

4. Using TDR To Find the Most Innovative Software Firms in the UAE

Technological advancements are often met with a reserved attitude. But the truth is modern tech can help businesses quite a bit, particularly when it comes to finding the most innovative software firms in the UAE. This is why more and more corporate entities are using TDR (Technology Development Research) as a tool.

TDR works like this:

  • It analyses various technological trends. Whether it’s artificial intelligence or data analytics, TDR looks at all of the current trends in a particular industry and distills them into a list of factors to consider.
  • It evaluates the technology of the firms in question. By studying the technologies used by different software firms, TDR can pinpoint the ones that are utilising the most up-to-date tech.
  • It determines the impact of the most innovative firms. With this, TDR can pinpoint the firms that are making the most impression with the latest technological advancements.

In other words, its advanced AI-driven algorithms provide a truly comprehensive evaluation of the software firms in the UAE.

UAE boasts a host of brilliant software companies that set the standard for innovation with their cutting-edge technologies and outstanding customer success. These top ten software companies in UAE have worked hard to become the best in the region, and it is a true testament to their commitment and dedication. They prove that success is attainable with the right combination of skills, ambition and ambition- that nothing is impossible.


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