Highly Ranked: Top Ten Software Companies in UAE


Do you know who the top software companies are in the United Arab Emirates? The UAE is no stranger to great technological advancement, famous for countless achievements and enablers of tech disruption throughout the Middle East and beyond. From coding to app development and cloud computing, these ten software companies in the UAE have grown to become highly sought-after in the world of tech. Here, we present you with the top ten software companies leading the charge for innovation in the UAE’s IT landscape.
Highly Ranked: Top Ten Software Companies in UAE

1. Unlocking the Power of Software: Dubai’s Top Ten

In an era of Smart cities and digital transformation, software is the backbone for the success of modern businesses. The UAE is home to some of the world’s most advanced enterprises and businesses, and no place is this more apparent than in the diverse and sprawling city of Dubai. To help equip the region with world-class software and enable it to unlock its full potential, Dubai’s leaders have compiled this list of the ten most powerful software tools:

  • Pentaho Data Integration: This open source platform integrates, manages, and analyses data from multiple
    sources and provides the customer with unparalleled insights.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: This popular business software suite allows customers to build engaging
    customer experiences, optimise operations, and modernise products.
  • SAP Business One: This comprehensive ERP solution provides customers with unparalleled access to their
    financial, operations and sales activities.
  • Friendly Systems: This software platform provides users with advanced security features, enterprise
    application integration, and cloud computing options.

Apart from the above mentioned software, Dubai’s corporate sphere is benefitting from Oracle E-Business Suite, Infor CloudSuite, IBM Connections, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Box. These powerful tools are giving businesses the tools they need to not just survive, but to thrive, in an ever-evolving and dynamic world.

1. Unlocking the Power of Software: Dubai's Top Ten

2. The Eight Pillars of Superior Software Solutions

Quality of Design

At the forefront of superior software solutions is the quality of design, and it should never be taken lightly. Great software solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. Custom designed features lay the groundwork for innovative and cutting-edge software solutions, while emphasizing user experience.


The security of software solutions is paramount in our digital age, and it should be taken very seriously. Superior software solutions have measures in place to protect user data, maintaining a high level of security standards. Encryption techniques, access control mechanisms and intrusion detection systems provide some of the necessary safety features included in superior software solutions.
2. The Eight Pillars of Superior Software Solutions

3. Digitizing the World, One Innovation at a Time

With the ever-improving state of technology, the world is becoming more and more accessible. From the ubiquitous presence of smartphones to the sophistication of artificial intelligence, it is no wonder that digitizing the world is becoming standard procedure. Here are just a few of the advancements making the world ours to explore:

  • Big Data. The sheer availability of information is staggering, powering models that make sense of it all. Analysts and researchers have access to the facts needed to solve some of the planet’s biggest quandaries.
  • The Internet of Things. As more smart devices enter everyday use, users can take advantage of apps and other digital features that help make their lives easier.
  • Driverless Cars. Self-driving vehicles are not a science fiction dream, but are now a growing reality. Soon transportation will be safer and more efficient.

The possibilities for digitization don’t stop at transportation either. Arts, architecture, and science are all being revolutionized by the potential of digitization. With the right tools now in hand, innovators are inspired to take these ideas to new heights.

4. Top up the Quality of Your Company’s Productivity Game with Elite Software Companies in the UAE

Technology and the Power of Automation

With the ever-evolving technology and its capacity to reshape the industry landscape, it’s important for any company to stay ahead of the curve in order to remain competitive. By partnering with elite software companies in the UAE, you can be sure that your business is equipped with the powerful and reliable products needed to stay a step ahead of the competition. Advanced analytics, automation, and enterprise management solutions are just a few of the technologies that can be harnessed to effectively increase productivity and enhance the quality of your products.

Introducing Automation to Your Business Processes

Automation allows you to streamline the processes of your business operations, enabling you to reduce the time spent on mundane tasks and focus your efforts on more important matters. Moreover, automating and developing your IT infrastructure will help ensure that your products and services are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner. Similarly, outsourcing different aspects of software development will provide you with the opportunity to access the widest array of talented professionals and technologies, allowing your business to remain competitive in the long run.

  • Utilize the power of automation for increased efficiency
  • Introduce advanced analytics, automation, and enterprise management solutions
  • Outsource different aspects of software development for better access to talent
  • Harness cutting-edge technologies for improved productivity

The UAE software industry is highly competitive, and these top ten companies have risen above the competition to become the most highly ranked software companies in the region. But as the economic technology continues to evolve, these companies are sure to face tougher competition than ever before. Without a doubt, the future of the UAE software industry is an exciting one with plenty of opportunities for growth.


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