UAE Software Firms Ranked Top 10 on TDR List


The United Arab Emirates is often seen as a country leading the way in the world of innovation, and it is no surprise that the country’s software firms have been recognized on a global scale. The Technology Dependency Ratio (TDR) report recently released its annual list of the world’s top 10 software firms, and six of these elite companies are based in the UAE! This achievement highlights the nation’s commitment to advanced, cutting-edge technology and its potential to become a potential leader in the tech world.
UAE Software Firms Ranked Top 10 on TDR List

1. UAE Software Giants Make the TDR List

Not surprisingly, two UAE software giants have made the list of the world’s top 100 Technology Fastest-Growing Companies, compiled by the renowned Technology Fast 500™ (TDR). The two industry leaders, who have each shown consistent growth, stand out in their ability to innovate and captivate both customers, and shareholders.

  • Dubai-based TECHLAND: Known for its inventive approach to software solutions, Techland focuses on cloud-based technologies to bring intuitive, business enhancement solutions to the table. Established in 1995, Techland has gained quite a reputation for its world-class services, facilitated by its presence in over 15 countries.
  • Abu Dhabi-based MARKMONITOR: A leading innovator in the field of domain protection and brand protection, MarkMonitor stands steadfast in its commitment to providing users with full security when it comes to their brand’s reputation and assets. MarkMonitor’s solutions have earned the attention of many big-name companies and just recently, the firm opened its third field office in Japan to further facilitate its global coverage.

These two UAE software standouts remain as a testament to the innovation of the country itself. Both Techland and MarkMonitor have successfully achieved their place in the TDR list, and are sure to continue paving their own paths forward.

1. UAE Software Giants Make the TDR List

2. Celebrating the Best of UAE IT Expertise

The country of UAE has gradually been establishing itself as a major player in the IT sphere, a feat which has been met with great admiration from global corporate giants. This has laid to rest any doubts about the nation’s effectiveness in capitalizing on technological advancements.

Looking to highlight the immense benefit of these innovative achievements, the country has joined hands to laud the picture-perfect collaboration between the government and its organizations. The UAE IT Awards thus play a pivotal role in recognizing and celebrating the finest in UAE’s IT industry. Framed to recognize & reward grassroots initiatives and emphasize long-term development plans, these awards:

  • incentivize teams and individuals at the cutting edge of technology
  • uphold a standard of excellent performance which all IT professionals in the country can aspire towards
  • create an environment that further encourages organizations, start-ups and SMEs to innovate within the industry

2. Celebrating the Best of UAE IT Expertise

3. Exploring the Qualities of the Top Rankings

To understand what makes a successful business, we must look at the businesses that have achieved the highest rankings. In their success, we can analyze and understand what makes their businesses stand out that have brought them this much acclaim.

  • Customer Service. Quality customer service is key in any business. Providing friendly staff, helpful advice, and easy transactions can make customers happy and keep them coming back.
  • Innovation. Companies must be able to think outside of the box and make decisions that are different from the competition in order to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Marketing. A well-planned marketing strategy can influence the public perception of the company and help create brand loyalty.

By understanding the qualities of the top-ranking businesses, we can evaluate those features in any business and make better decisions when developing new products and services. Companies who can understand and implement these qualities will have a greater chance of success.

4. Leading the Way – Profiles of the Top 10

Global Leaders and Visionaries

From innovators to pioneers, the top 10 list of business leaders contains those who have managed to shift the direction of their industry with creative solutions and inspired collaborations. These are the stars that have identified and capitalized on opportunities, carving their own unique paths.

Take Jack Ma, for instance: the Chinese internet entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist pioneered the world’s largest e-commerce business, Alibaba Group. However, his rise to the top nearly didn’t happen. Ma applied for 30+ jobs and was rejected; famously, he even failed his college entrance exams twice. Yet, with sheer determination and vision, he was able to make it.

Then there’s Arne Sorenson, the first ever non-family member to occupy the post of Marriott CEO. His career is defined by his deftness in understanding the power of brand and innovations, such as launching Marriott International’s Luxury & Lifestyle division in 2010; and his investment in the launch of homesharing platform, HomeAway, in 2011.

But, these two titans of industry are just instances in the list, which includes CEOs from a wide array of industries and countries. All of them are proving how innovative thinking and transformative action can lead to success in business.

  • Jack Ma – Chinese internet entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist
  • Arne Sorenson – CEO of Marriott International

The 2020 TDR list successfully placed some of UAE’s top software firms in the limelight, recognizing the best of the best in the industry. With the right resources and an innovative drive, these firms have set a shining example for others in the software-world to follow.

As these ten firms continue to reach milestones in the software industry, they bring progress and success to the UAE’s flourishing economy. Together, through the growth of their innovative technologies, they are creating a better, more digitally connected world.


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