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The Best Dental Software of 2020

Introduction: Good dental software can make the life of a busy dentist easier, leading to smoother functioning of the practice. From keeping records and tracking patient visits to automating billing and scheduling, new updates in 2020 have made dental software more user-friendly and robust. Keep reading to find out all about the best dental software of 2020.

1. Dental4Windows

This dental software has gained in popularity for such purposes as managing patient records, patient identity, and billing. With an added feature of digital imaging, this software is the perfect fit for dental offices looking to keep up with the latest technology.


  • Electronic Scheduling and Reminder System: Creating appointments and sending appointment reminders has never been easier.
  • Accounting: Generate bills, track transactions and keep a tab on your office’s financials.
  • Medical History: Keep your patient’s records organized and up to date.
  • Patient Identification: Automatically identify and retrieve patient information.
  • Digital Imaging: Make viewing and recording X-rays and other medical data easier and faster than ever before.

2. DentiMax

Introduced in 2004, and since then DentiMax software has been playing a major role in dentistry. This software is known worldwide for its modern user friendly interface and is preferred by many dental practices today. It packs a variety of features, including electronic charting and insurance filing, for helping dental practitioners to manage their practices.


  • Insurance Processing: Keep track of your patient’s insurance details and effortlessly file claims.
  • Patient Identification: Effectively manage patient identification process.
  • Point of Sale: Keep track of your office’s sales and payment transactions with ease.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Quick, easy and efficient scheduling of patient appointments.
  • Reports: Keep track of all your office’s activities with the help of organized, informative reports.

3. Curve Dental

Curve Dental has grown to become one of the leading dental software firms, with cloud-based software that is popular among dentists. It is compact in size and offers a wide range of features including insurance filing, imaging, and online patient registration.


  • Scheduling: Quickly schedule new patient appointments, modify existing appointments and view upcoming appointments for any time range.
  • Imaging: Organize and store images and other documents to improve workflow.
  • Billing: Keep track of your billing procedures in an efficient, organized manner.
  • Insurance Filing: Automatically organize claim filing and report claims to insurance companies.
  • Patient Records: Store patient information in a secure, easy-to-access manner.

4. Easy Dental

Easy Dental continues to be a favorite among dental practitioners due to its efficient and user-friendly features. From scheduling patient appointments to managing actual treatment plans, this software has everything a dental office needs to manage its activities.


  • Appointment Scheduling: Easily schedule patient visits that suit their availability.
  • Clinical Charting: Effectively track patient progress and treatments.
  • Patient Education: Provide educational material to patients for better dental health.
  • Billing and Insurance Claims: Automatically process claims and keep track of payments.
  • Clinical Decision Support: Make the best clinical decisions with the help of Easy Dental’s extensive decision support system.

Conclusion: Since 2020 has brought major updates in terms of user friendly features as well as robust technology to dental software, dental practitioners now have a wide range of options to choose from. As this article has shown, there are many excellent and reliable options available, such as Dental4Windows, DentiMax, Curve Dental and Easy Dental, among others. Select the one that fits your needs best, and enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency and greater office productivity.


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