UAE Top 10 Software Companies Ranked by TDR

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From technology giants to innovative upstarts, the software industry in the United Arab Emirates is constantly evolving. The ever-changing landscape can make it difficult to keep track of the top 10 software companies in the UAE, but every year the Technology Development Ranking (TDR) evaluates and ranks the top 10 UAE-based software organizations in the region. So, let’s find out which ones made the list and what makes them stand out from the crowd in 2020.
UAE Top 10 Software Companies Ranked by TDR

1. UAE Software Industry – A Snapshot

The software industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is booming. The technology sector has been witnessing an exponential growth, with new establishments and budding opportunities cropping up daily. As the UAE is renowned for its commitment to innovation, the government has been encouraging the growth of the country’s tech scene.

The UAE’s software industry offers several advantages for any international or local investor looking to enter the market. Offering impressive opportunities for capital investments, plentiful resources and infrastructure, and a conducive environment for business, the software sector is certainly worth a look. Following are some of the noteworthy features of the UAE software industry:

  • Vibrant Talent Pool: With a highly educated, tech-savvy talent pool of experts from diverse backgrounds, the UAE offers the perfect launching pad for startups and established software companies.
  • Advanced Technology Ecosystem: The UAE facilitates the development of high-tech software and products through advanced research and development initiatives.
  • Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Adopting modern technologies such as cloud computing and 5G, businesses in the UAE are able to leverage the world’s most advanced infrastructure for faster operations and increased efficiency

With its business-friendly environment and the prospect of stellar growth, the software industry in the UAE is certainly a hotspot that’s worth considering if you’re seeking international investments for your business.

1. UAE Software Industry - A Snapshot

2. Ranking the Elite – Top 10 Software Companies in UAE

Taking advantage of the cutting-edge infrastructure and supportive government policies, the United Arab Emirates is driven by progressive and expansive modern technology. There are many different software companies that are making an incredible impact in this digital era. Here you will find a breakdown of the top 10 companies in the UAE that are considered to be the elite, leading or pioneering in their respective fields.

  • Axiom, a leading provider of comprehensive managed services and enterprise solutions.
  • Saleh & Abdulrahman Alagil (SAFFA), specialising in infrastructure and communication solutions and determined to build & boost organisations.
  • Khalturah, a closely set-up software development & consultancy company offering rich and strategic IT solutions.
  • ByteSnap, providing quality software development services for industry leading customers across the UAE.
  • Oasis Softech Solutions, with a focus on delivering the most creative, resourceful and reliable web and software development solutions.
  • Netizens, an international venture designing technology-driven solutions with an unending range of digital and IT services.
  • Photonoid, capitalising on the dynamic market, technologies and trends to develop engaging mobile, web, cloud and desktop applications.
  • Netways, a trusted and certified technology provider specialising in open source implementation.
  • AgilityIT, delivering unique software solutions built around the latest technology trends.
  • Appinventiv, a leading mobile application development company, providing world-class app solutions to its customers.

These are the most prominent software development companies, that are making discoveries in enhancing software solutions in Dubai, UAE. Every organization listed here has valuable and experienced teams of developers, support staff and more that put the needs of the client first. From innovative SaaS/Cloud solutions, to complex software and APIs development, all of the top 10 companies in the UAE offer a variety of products and services to ensure their customers attain the highest level of success.
2. Ranking the Elite - Top 10 Software Companies in UAE

3. Exploring the Leaders – Who are the Giants?

Let’s explore the business landscape. It’s filled with incredibly successful companies led by ground-breaking individuals. These are the giants of industry, individuals who have revolutionized the way industries operate and shaped commerce.

Where should we start? The tech sector is a great place to begin. We have Steve Jobs, who created the revolutionary iPhone and iPad. Jeff Bezos founded one of the most important companies of all time – Amazon. Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin created Facebook and Google, two of the largest companies on the planet. In the retail space, Larry Ellison and Walmart’s Sam Walton blazed trails. Richard Branson changed the way people travel with Virgin.

  • Timothy Cook – Apple
  • Ingvar Kamprad – Ikea
  • Jack Ma – Alibaba
  • Howard Schultz – Starbucks

In the media and entertainment sector, there are titans like Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey. In the banking and finance industry, titans such as Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffet created empires. In fashion, icons like Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel have left an indelible mark. And in the automotive industry, there’s Henry Ford and Elon Musk, who revolutionized the industry.

4. TDR’s Verdict – What Does the Report Reveal?

The Tests, Diagnostics and Reports (TDR) produced by the experts provide a comprehensive and objective view of the situation. The following is a synopsis of the findings at a tilt:

  • The data gathered by the team indicates a strong correlation between all the variables studied.
  • The results suggest that the causal factor in the intended outcome is the external environment, not the internal dynamics.
  • The findings further suggest that the process of change initiated needs to be fine tuned to ensure the goal is achieved.

The report ultimately concludes that the probability of success is high if the external turbulence is managed judiciously. The recommendations outlined in the report provide a roadmap for a successful conclusion to the endeavour.

From the giants of enterprise software solutions to the small start-ups that make the UAE tech industry so exciting, the UAE’s Top 10 Software Companies showcase the great strength that the country’s tech sector has to offer. A bright future lies ahead for each and every one of these developments as they continue to push the boundaries of software innovation.


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