UAExCELLENCE: Ranking of Top 10 Software Companies

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The new age of technology has made way for a sea of innovative, creative, and powerful software companies who are pushing the boundaries of what tech can do. Amongst these titans of software development stands UAExCELLENCE, a company that beats out the competition with their revolutionary development projects. Now, they reveal their ranking of the Top 10 Software Companies of the Year in an exquisite showcase of extraordinary talent.
UAExCELLENCE: Ranking of Top 10 Software Companies

1. Harnessing UAExCELLENCE: Ranking of Top 10 Software Companies

Welcome to the world of tech! We’re sure you know the names of some of the world’s top software companies, but can you name the top ten? Let’s take a closer look at which companies are dominating the software space:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Google
  • Adobe
  • SAP
  • EMC
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Cisco Systems

These tech powerhouses have a bevy of products ranging from cloud compute services and software to hardware and tools to build out an IT infrastructure. The landscape of the technology industry continues to grow with each of these companies consistently working towards ushering in the era of IT transformation.

These companies have shown major innovation in the software industry and, by continuing to be at the forefront of the technology curve, they are constantly adapting and re-training their personnel to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. As trends such as IoT and mobile devices, these cutting-edge companies remain ahead of the curve and on the path of innovation.

1. Harnessing UAExCELLENCE: Ranking of Top 10 Software Companies

2. Stepping Up to the Challenge: Inside Look at the Companies

For companies that take big risks, the rewards can be incredibly high. Many of the biggest, most successful stories are those that took risks and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. In this section, we take a peek into some of the most daring businesses that have seen huge success.

    At the forefront of technology:

  • SpaceX: Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, this innovative aerospace company has become one of the world’s leading providers of reusable rockets.
  • Google: Google transformed the search engine industry with its new algorithms and cloud-based services.
  • Apple: The company’s milestone developments include the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
    Making big strides in medicine:

  • Gilead Sciences: Gilead developed some of the world’s most successful treatments for Hepatitis C and HIV.
  • Eli Lilly: The pharmaceutical giant is paving the way for groundbreaking treatments for various conditions.
  • Sangamo Therapeutics: Specialising in gene therapy, Sangamo has discovered new treatments for previously “untreatable” conditions such as spinal cord injury.

2. Stepping Up to the Challenge: Inside Look at the Companies

3. Identifying the Standouts in Industry-Leading Performance

When it comes to industry-leading performance, it’s important to be aware of what separates the standouts from the competition. The process of identifying the market leaders can often be tricky, but it’s a crucial step to determining the successes in your field.

First, review competitor performance within the industry. This includes looking at which products are getting the most traction, as well as any marketing strategies that could be influencing success. You may also wish to examine customer and industry feedback. It’s important not to become too fixated on one aspect over another; rather, look at the big picture to identify which opponents are pushing boundaries and delivering the highest quality.

  • Research competitor performance
  • Analyze customer and industry feedback
  • Look for those pushing boundaries

4. Soaring to the Summits of Global Tech Innovation

Many tech giants have today become household names, and for good reason. But how did they get there? Let’s take a look.

  • Google leads the way with its corporate mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Google has become the largest search-engine in the world with products ranging from email to navigation, and most recently into AI.
  • Apple is the other leader when it comes to technology, with the iconic iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. From consumer-technology to high-end enterprise technology, there is hardly a tech-category in which Apple does not have a strong presence.
  • Then there are the upstarts. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and WeWork have disrupted traditional business models and created multi-billion dollar businesses in just a few years.

It is clear that innovation is the key to success in tech, and that these companies have found the competitive edge over their competitors. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft have embraced a culture of innovation, investing their resources into research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain.

This is why they have quickly become some of the most valuable companies in the world, leading the way in tech innovation, and inspiring other companies to follow in their footsteps. UAExCELLENCE has recognized the top 10 software companies in 2020 as definitive leaders in the software industry. From interactive entertainment to business-critical applications, these companies are continuing to inspire innovation and set the highest standards of excellence. Congratulations to all of the industry leaders on their well-deserved ranking!


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