UAE’s Top Ten Software Companies: A Ranking by TDR

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High-quality software development is essential for a competitive digital economy, and the UAE knows this well. We at theTDR have taken a deep look into the best software companies in the region, and today we are proud to present you withthe UAE’s top ten software companies, as ranked by theTDR. Whether you’re looking for a full-scale software development project or simply technology consulting, these UAE-based companies provide you with the know-how you need to succeed in the digital world. Get to know the best UAE has to offer and make the most of your digital resources with the help of our informative guide.
UAE's Top Ten Software Companies: A Ranking by TDR

1. Software Engineering Prospering in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quickly turning into a hub for software engineering and many tech companies are beginning to discover its potential. With the country’s rapidly evolving ICT infrastructure combined with abundant qualified personnel, UAE has become a fertile ground for software engineering development.

There are plenty of advantages for software engineering projects to be based in UAE, including:

  • Tax Breaks: Companies and organizations in UAE benefit from tax exemptions, making the country an attractive base for business.
  • Robust Infrastructure: An expansive network of communication, telecommunication, and data storage infrastructure have been put in place to ensure high levels of output and success.
  • Excellent Recruitment: The high-skilled workforce in the UAE is well-versed with software engineering principles and processes – so it is easy to find personnel with the skill set to match the demands of the project.
  • Strategic Location: Thanks to its geographic location, the UAE has easy access to other countries in the Middle East and beyond.

All of these factors make the UAE a prime spot for software engineering, and its no surprise that local tech companies are beginning to flourish in the country.
1. Software Engineering Prospering in the UAE

2. Ranking the Top Ten Highest-Rated Software Companies in the UAE

1. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (Du)

As the largest integrated telecom provider in the UAE, Du prides itself on its innovative software capability and excellent customer service. It offers over 10 million customers a package of mobile, broadband, home theatre, and pay TV services all integrated into one convenient package. In addition, Du has launched some cutting-edge software applications designed to make customers’ lives easier.

2. Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD is one of the oldest and most trusted banks in the UAE. It offers innovative banking services, including a comprehensive suite of financial software applications designed to make banking quick and easy. The bank also offers numerous digital tools and services that simplify the logging, retrieval, and analysis of customer’s financial data. Emirates NBD’s software is reliable and user-friendly, and their customer service team provides excellent support.

3. Batelco

As one of the UAE’s leading telecoms companies, Batelco provides customers with a full range of communication services that are supported by their advanced software applications. Batelco’s software solutions are designed to bring customers the highest level of convenience in data and internet services. The company also offers extensive customer support, making it easy to get answers and support whenever customers need it.

4. The Emirates Investment Group

The Emirates Investment Group is a powerful, full-service investment group that specializes in capital markets and asset management. In addition, the group also offers its clients innovative software solutions that provide a comprehensive view of their investments and the markets. Their software offers clients easy-to-use analytics, a secure trading platform, and an intuitive user experience.

5. Omeir Travel Agency

Omeir Travel Agency is one of the most respected names in the UAE’s travel industry. It provides customers with a comprehensive suite of software applications designed to make booking, managing, and tracking travel itineraries effortless. The software makes it easy to book, modify, and manage bookings, check-in, and even earn rewards. The user-friendly interface and great customer service make Omeir Travel Agency the perfect choice for travelers.
2. Ranking the Top Ten Highest-Rated Software Companies in the UAE

3. Assessing TDR’s UAE Software Ranking

The UAE Software Ranking is a handy tool for assessing the current state of technology development and research in the United Arab Emirates. It offers an unbiased view of the activities taking place within the country and provides an indication of the direction of technology and research across the world.

When , some of the key aspects to consider include:

  • Which software technologies are being used in the UAE and what impact they are having?
  • Which companies are leading the field and where is the competition?
  • Is there a focus on emerging technologies and, if so, what areas are these in?
  • Are TDR’s rankings based on objective or subjective measures?
  • What challenges and opportunities for growth does the UAE face?

By looking at these different areas, you can get a better understanding of the UAE’s overall technology and research environment. It can show you what areas are ahead of the game and which ones could do with some additional attention. Additionally, it can also provide important insights into the state of the region in terms of research and development investments and collaborations.

4. Quality Tech: Delivering the Best of the UAE Software Scene

As the highest quality tech solutions provider in the UAE software scene, Quality Tech is helping to revolutionise the region for the better. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to our clients, whether they are individuals, companies or government-owned entities.

Our unique expertise means that no matter the brief, our developers are equipped with the skill set necessary to devise a complete and reliable software solution. From artificial intelligence to cloud computing, VR to Big Data, we can do it all. Here’s just a few of the cutting-edge services we offer:

  • Easy-to-use GUI Design: Our team can develop a GUI that keeps complex interactions simple and prioritises usability.
  • Web & Mobile App Development: We design attractive web and mobile apps tailored to your needs.
  • Secure Storage & Data Management: We’ll ensure all of your sensitive data is securely stored and managed with the utmost privacy.
  • High Performance Testing: Our team of experts are able to carry out comprehensive performance testing on your app or website.

At Quality Tech, we believe that software solutions should be tailored to the specific needs of our customers. That’s why we strive to give you the best advice and accuracy every time. All of this backed by a quality assurance guarantee to ensure that your custom-built apps are always top-tier.

The UAE software industry is highly competitive and ever-changing. However, the highest ranking software companies in the UAE have been identified by TDR with their up-to-date analysis. Doing business with any of these top ten companies is sure to provide you with the highest quality services and products available!


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