Top Ten Software Firms of the UAE Ranked by TDR

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As the UAE continues to become a digital hub in the region, there are more and more software firms cropping up to make sure businesses in the region are up to date with the latest technology. To keep track of which firms are truly leading the way in providing great software products and services, the Technology Development Report (TDR) released its list of the top ten software firms in the UAE. Read on to find out who made the cut!
Top Ten Software Firms of the UAE Ranked by TDR

1. Unlocking the Software Ecosystem of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has been a booming hub for tech innovation for many years, and the realization of its mission to become the world’s smartest city continues to progress. The software ecosystem of the country is an important factor in achieving this goal. By unlocking the potential of the local software ecosystem, UAE can move further on its illustrious path towards becoming a cutting-edge, dynamic and global leader in innovation.

UAE’s software development infrastructure is an incredible asset, enabling businesses and organizations to capitalize on their software solutions. A few key areas where unlocking the software ecosystem of UAE can provide great benefits include:

  • Innovation and Research: will offer businesses and researchers valuable opportunities for exploration in the fields of technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Faster Delivery: Organizations will be able to deliver products quicker as the sector’s agile-based processes are enhanced with the latest tools and platforms.
  • User Experience:The strategic use of data will be pivotal with the utilization of advanced analytics and metrics to deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Cost Efficiency: By leveraging technologies such as cloud computing, companies in the UAE will be able to manage their costs more efficiently.
  • Business Growth: The development of an effective software ecosystem helps all types of businesses scale rapidly, enabling enterprises to move up the value chain.

With the right measures in place, UAE will be able to unlock the potential of its software ecosystem, making a huge impact on the country and the world. The advanced tools and processes available in the region will give the businesses a huge advantage when it comes to optimized, high-performance software solutions.
1. Unlocking the Software Ecosystem of the UAE

2. Paving the Way: Ranking the Top Ten Software Companies in the UAE

The year 2020 has been abuzz with the growth of one of the biggest markets in the world, the software industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With such a huge potential, the UAE has seen an influx of premier software companies that have been making waves in the region. In an effort to sort through the overwhelming options, here are the top ten software companies in the UAE that are paving the way for success:

1. Omni App Solutions: Omni App Solutions is a leading web and mobile app development company in Dubai. They specialize in developing, designing and implementing business strategies with a customized approach. They offer innovative solutions across various domains such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and more.

2. WebDice Solutions: WebDice Solutions in Dubai is a major name in the software industry. Their customized solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes and can assist in achieving customer satisfaction and cost savings. Their services include web development, software development, ecommerce, CRM, mobile app development and more.

3. E-Business Technologies: E-Business Technologies provides competitive advantages in enterprise technology solutions, in-depth industry knowledge, and comprehensive data services. They are a leading provider of services that enables businesses to maximize productivity, cost savings and performance.

4. Forzaz IT Solutions: Forzaz IT Solutions is a web development, mobile app development and digital marketing agency based in Dubai. They are experts in designing and building high performance and cost-effective end-to-end web, mobile and cloud solutions.

5. XTech Solutions: XTech Solutions is a cloud-based software development company that specializes in providing end-to-end solutions for businesses. Their solutions include ERP systems, mobile development, custom software development, web hosting, online marketing and more.

6. Mass Software Solutions: Mass Software Solutions is a global provider of software development services. Their solutions are built on the latest technologies and cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. They offer custom software development services as well as web development, database development, mobile applications and more.

7. Xenon Technologies: xenon Technologies is a full-service company that offers a comprehensive suite of software development and IT services. They specialize in designing and developing custom business applications and innovative web solutions as well as mobile applications, e-commerce, and social media.

8. Nigma Technology Solutions: Nigma Technology Solutions is an award-winning software development company in Dubai. Their services range from custom software development, application development, web development, mobile application development, digital marketing and more.

9. Ocean ICT Solutions: Ocean ICT Solutions is the leading ICT company in Dubai. They offer end-to-end individual ICT solutions ranging from web development and Cloud Solutions to mobile app development, Hosting Solutions and Request Based solutions.

10. Dex Solutions: Dex Solutions is a software development and digital marketing agency in Dubai. They specialize in creating custom software solutions and IT services for businesses. They offer software development services, web and mobile app development, ecommerce, SEO and more.

2. Paving the Way: Ranking the Top Ten Software Companies in the UAE

3. Analyzing the Top Dogs in the Software Industry

The stakes are high in the software industry. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, companies must stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive. Identifying the top dogs in the software industry and examining their success can provide valuable insights and enable newcomers to make smarter investments.

Here are some of the most successful software development businesses on the current market:

  • Microsoft: One of the most well established names in the game, Microsoft is renowned for their innovative computer products. Their Windows operating system is installed in millions of devices worldwide.
  • Adobe: This software giant is responsible for popular products such as Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Acrobat Reader, to name a few.
  • Salesforce: This cloud-based CRM system has exploded in popularity over the last few years and currently stands as one of the industry-leading products.
  • Oracle: This database management system is a hit with larger businesses due to its scalability and security.
  • VMware: This virtualization platform allows users to operate multiple virtual machines on the same physical machine.

It is important to gain a thorough understanding of how these groups are leading the way in terms of technology development. This knowledge can provide valuable insight to start-ups or businesses who are hoping to scale up their operations.

4. Uncovering the Benefits of Working with Top Software Firms in the UAE

Access to Industry-Leading Talent
Software firms in the UAE offer access to a wide range of talent and expertise. The software firms in the country have earned a reputation for being particularly capable of recruiting top-tier talent. By working with experienced professionals, organizations can receive the best and most advanced solutions for their software needs. Plus, a partner with top software experience in the UAE can ensure that a project’s success is tracked and achieved.

Advanced Technical Expertise
Software firms in the UAE provide advanced technical expertise that sets them apart from their global counterparts. With decades of experience in their respective industries, the assembled software experts have the knowledge and skillset to craft complex and high-performance software solutions. Professional software advisors can also guide companies to optimize their existing systems to meet the demand associated with IT solutions.

  • Access to industry-leading talent
  • Advanced technical expertise
  • Pre-certification of software solutions
  • Adherence to best practices

When it comes to software services in the UAE, these are the firms that have proven themselves to be the leaders. Investing in the right software service for your business needs can be a difficult decision, but with the help of TDR’s list, you can now make the most informed choice.


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