UAE’s Top Ten Software Companies: TDR’s Ranking

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If you’re looking for the best and top-rated software companies in the UAE, you are in the right place. Today, we bring to you the definitive rankings of the top ten software companies in the UAE, as identified by TDR. This complete list compiles the best and most sought after software companies in the region, ensuring you make the most informed decisions when choosing your professional partner. Get ready for a tech journey that’s sure to impress.
UAE's Top Ten Software Companies: TDR's Ranking

1. Ranking the Best: The UAE’s Top Ten Software Companies

The UAE technology ecosystem has rapidly grown over the past decade, and its software space has been no exception. The region today boasts of some of the best software companies in the world. To find out which are the best of the best, here’s our top ten list.

  • 1. Arbela Technologies: This award-winning software company focuses on Cloud ERP and practical business intelligence solutions. Arbela has had an incredible growth story since its foundation in 2006.
  • 2. Avon Technologies: An IT solutions provider specializing in automation solutions, Avon Technologies was founded in 2002 and is still going strong.
  • 3. Opal Solutions: One of the leading players in UAE’s software ecosystem, Opal Solutions has been providing end-to-end software development services since 2002.
  • 4. Creamfinance Hub Services: Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Dubai, Creamfinance Hub Services helps its clients capture, store, and analyze data to get actionable insights.
  • 5. In5: This Abu Dhabi-based technology incubator helps companies harness the latest technology trends with minimum effort and cost.
  • 6. Platformforsyte: This performance-driven software agency delivers exceptional applications for tools such as AWS,Heroku, Python, React, Vue, and Node.
  • 7. Digital Faqeer: With its Sleekr Accounting Platform, Digital Faqeer helps organizations time and money with the power of automatized accounting.
  • 8. Velocity Gupta Group: This software company has been in the game since 1988 and specializes in enterprise content management solutions.
  • 9. Unit 9 Consulting: Since 2005, Unit 9 Consulting has provided solutions in data science, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • 10. I-Show Services: Founded in 2004, I-Show Services has had a successful run as a web and mobile application development provider.

From cloud ERP and automation solutions to performance-driven software offerings, these companies have revolutionized the UAE software landscape. With the right investments and support, these software companies are sure to do even better in the future.
1. Ranking the Best: The UAE's Top Ten Software Companies

2. Inside Look at TDR’s List of the Most Innovative and Advanced Companies

To make our list, we look for the companies that are leading the pack in technology and innovation. Much more than just popular, these are the companies that created ways of doing things that are changing the way we use tech for daily tasks. These are the pioneers of modern technology, and are often the ones set to make the biggest impact on the future of innovation.

The Companies We Feature Include:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Amazon

The technologies they are developing have the potential to revolutionize everything from healthcare to power, to the way we use the web. We’ve vetted them, researched them, and ensured that they are truly producing groundbreaking innovations. From the existing tech giants to the lesser-known upstarts, our list includes the pioneers of emerging technologies that are making huge waves in the tech world.

2. Inside Look at TDR's List of the Most Innovative and Advanced Companies

3. Who’s Atop the 2020 UAE Software Market?

The UAE software market is an ever-evolving giant, and the 2020 landscape has seen plenty of activity from some of the most promising players on the scene. Here’s a look at some of the leading lights of the UAE software market right now.

UAE tanked in the international Software Excellence Awards this year, and it’s no surprise why. Hareeq Software took out the top prize with their innovative tools and solutions, leveraging a cohesive range of cloud services and analytics. It was a fitting win for the forward-thinking company, and they were quick to celebrate their success.

  • closeyTech
  • FastNother
  • Dothree Solutions

Just behind Hareeq Software and the prestigious awards, some of the other key players in the UAE market are closeyTech, FastNother, and Dothree Solutions. All three boast outstanding services, and have spearheaded some of the most groundbreaking tech to hit the UAE market. With high-level professionals and process engineers, these companies are redefining the cloud-based software landscape.

4. Unboxing the New Predictions from TDR’s Software List

At TDR’s, we strive to deliver the best in predictive software solutions. Our latest products are certainly no exception and are revolutionizing the way companies think about the way they collect and analyze data. Here’s what you can expect when unboxing the next generation of TDR’s predictive software:

  • MemKB™— Our premier AI system combines deep learning with natural language processing to build an in-depth understanding of customer data. With fully customizable options, MemKB™ leverages predictive analytics to uncover valuable correlations and insights into customer behavior.
  • CERUCA™— Capture, Read, and Utilize Customer Activity. Our cloud-based solution provides businesses with detailed reports and visualizations of their customer behavior. Integrations with third-party analytics apps aid in faster, more effective decision-making.

With a focus on customer-centric analytics and high performance cloud computing, TDR’s predictive software suite is unrivaled in the industry. As customers increasingly rely on real-time insights to make more informed decisions, our solutions are designed to help them stay one-step ahead of the competition.

The UAE is definitely a major player in the software world, and it’s clear from TDR’s Annual Ranking of the Top Ten Software Companies that the region is becoming a hotbed of innovation and growth. With dedicated and talented teams leading the way, the future of the UAE remains bright in the software space.


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