Top Ten Software Companies in UAE: Ranked by TDR.

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The UAE tech industry is booming, and software companies are enjoying the growth. From cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to innovative fintech solutions, there’s no shortage of high-quality, well-designed software in the Emirati market. But who are the best contenders? Here, TDR has counted down the Top Ten Software Companies in the UAE, based on our comprehensive analysis. No matter your needs– from cybersecurity to cloud management– one of these could be the ideal partner you’ve been searching for.
1. Unlocking the Top Ten Software Companies in UAE

1. Unlocking the Top Ten Software Companies in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an economic powerhouse of the Middle East, home to a diverse set of technology companies. In this article, we’ll explore the top ten software companies in UAE to help you unlock potential and open the door to success.

The UAE has a wealth of options when it comes to software companies, ranging from startups to established enterprises. Here’s a rundown of our top ten picks:

  • Tech Mahindra: A leading provider of IT services and solutions with an emphasis on digital transformation.
  • EBS Software: One of the largest software companies in the Middle East, with a range of products from e-commerce to mobile apps.
  • Zoho: A global provider of cloud-based tools and services for various types of businesses.
  • Oracle: An American multinational computer technology corporation providing comprehensive database and cloud solutions.
  • Fujitsu: A Japanese information and communication technology company that offers cloud-based services and software solutions.
  • SAP: A German leader in enterprise application software.
  • OSC: A Dubai based software house offering a range of enterprise software solutions.
  • MSC Solution: An IT firm specializing in software design, development, integration and implementation.
  • Mindtree: An Indian IT service provider with a focus on mobile app development and cloud-based solutions.
  • Axiom: A Dubai-based firm providing software solutions for different business sectors such as logistics, telecom and finance.

Whether you’re looking for an established technology firm or a start-up to help you take your business to the next level, these are the top ten software companies in UAE to consider.
2. Ranking the Software Companies: TDR Edition

2. Ranking the Software Companies: TDR Edition

Which Bigger Fish Will Be Caught in the Pond of Tech?

Making a list of the renowned software companies risks leaving out one that might just grow to be the very best. But in the tech sector’s ever-evolving framework, let’s take a look at the biggest fishes, regardless of them being the trickiest to catch.

  • Google: The ubiquitous search engine, but also a major operator in the AI space.
  • Amazon: Known primarily as a retail juggernaut, Amazon also offers a growing suite of cloud computing products.
  • Apple: Despite their focus on hardware, their iOS and macOS operating systems are industry standards.
  • Microsoft: This veteran tech company has been shopping up a storm, from LinkedIn to GitHub.

Considering the sheer size of the market, it’s hard to discount the potential of the smaller fish out there. In 2020, every small-scale startup could grow into the next Google, in the sense of offering tremendous potential for growth. These smaller players might even break through industry norms, with innovative – even if niche – services that attract more and bigger users. With technology backing them up, anything is possible in tech!
3. Exploring the Top of the Pyramids

3. Exploring the Top of the Pyramids

Exploring the top of the great pyramids of Egypt can be quite the adventure! The top of the pyramids offers majestic views of the surrounding landscape, and can even reveal hidden secrets and stories.

On top of the pyramids one can expect to find some of the most remarkable remnants of the past. Discover hieroglyphic engravings carved directly into the stone, ritual baths built in the Pharaoh’s honor, and fascinating sculptures of ancient gods. Travelers should also watch out for the Fletcher Obelisk, an equally ancient construct, standing proudly from the summit.

  • Hieroglyphic Engravings
  • The Fletcher Obelisk
  • Ritual Baths
  • Sculptures of Ancient Gods

4. Analyzing the Leaders of the Software Scene in UAE

The software scene in UAE is currently in a process of immense growth and development. In order to fully comprehend its current situation, it is essential to analyze the leaders that have contributed towards making it vibrant and progressive.

  • Sahab Islamic Technology, founded in 2006, is one of the most well-known software companies in the UAE. It currently holds strong competencies in browser and mobile software development.
  • Effat Technologies has been providing software services to the UAE since 2000. It specializes in custom software development and cloud computing services for numerous organizations across the country.
  • WindyMinds, established in 2011, has made a name for itself in the software industry in UAE. It primarily focuses on application development and has created several successful online projects.

Reviewing these leaders of the software scene in UAE shows that the technology sector in the country is making progress, with many companies competing to provide the best software solutions to the nation. Technology firms are in a constant battle to create innovative solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing environment.

It is no wonder that the UAE is one of the most desirable places for software companies. Its growing business landscape has enabled the nation to attract the highest level of investment and innovation. With the help of rankings like TDR’s, it’s easy to determine which software companies have the most potential and to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best software solutions for your business. Regardless of the industry, the top ten software companies in the UAE should undoubtedly be in the conversation.


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