Making a Mark: Top 10 Software Firms in UAE

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As the UAE continues to emerge as a tech powerhouse in the Middle East, software giants from around the region are angling to make a mark in the country’s competitive and promising technology market. From multinationals to homegrown software firms, this article takes a closer look at the top 10 software firms in the UAE and provides insight into the companies that are equipped to make the most impact.
1. Making their Mark: The 10 Most Prominent Software Companies in the UAE

1. Making their Mark: The 10 Most Prominent Software Companies in the UAE

In the UAE, software companies are driving the tech scene with innovation and creativity. These top 10 companies are making their mark in the local tech industry.

  • Dtec: Dubai Silicon Oasis’ ‘hub for technology and startups’ is the go-to innovation lab for the region. Dtec is home to more than 100 startup companies and instructions a wide range of business events.
  • Pick Trials: Pick Trials offers user experience and product design tools to help companies build optimal products. Their comprehensive software templates clamp down the development process, giving startups an effective system for value creation.
  • Smart Dubai: Working closely with the government, Smart Dubai operates UAE’s technology infrastructure and develops innovative initiatives. With projects such as the Happiness Agenda propelled by technology, this company is driving UAE’s tech-driven society.
  • Emarat Accurate: Emarat Accurate’s software engineering solutions assist companies in developing revolutionary business applications and software systems. Providing industry-leading services from systems designing to system operations, this company is at the hub of great change.

Specializing in various areas, these companies are helping UAE develop into a global tech superpower. With teams of experienced engineers, app developers and software engineers, the UAE is becoming the regional leader in technology.

  • G-Fil: G-Fil’s enterprise software development team is a leader in cloud computing solutions. Helping companies build software that transforms their digital infrastructure, G-Fil allows organizations to build up a secure foundation on which to build innovative solutions.
  • Produxa: Produxa specializes in virtual reality development, from graphic design to simulation apps. Working with Fortune 500 companies, Produxa creates interactive experiences through virtual reality software.
  • Tasneef: Tasneef is an IT solutions company that partners with other tech companies in the UAE to assist them in their software operations. With an extensive range of services that cover application modernization and cloud integration, Tasneef is driving the tech industry in UAE.
  • Formulum: A telecom and IT firm, Formulum offers machine learning and big data software to business clients. Wielding great potential for enterprise level enterprises, Formulum’s software assists innovation and development of new technologies.

2. Digitizing the business world: How these Companies Lead the Way

2. Digitizing the business world: How these Companies Lead the Way

In today’s world, more and more businesses are beginning to use technology to streamline their operations and get a competitive edge. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are leading the charge when it comes to digitizing the business world.

Take Amazon, for example. With their array of cloud services and Amazon Web Services, they enable businesses to store and access data faster, more cost-effectively, and more securely. On top of that, their cloud OPS (operations platform services) can help companies set up and manage artificial intelligence and machine learning models quickly. These technologies are becoming increasingly important for businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Cloud operations platform services.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning models.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is focused on helping businesses connect the devices they use and the data they possess to take their operations to the next level. Their Microsoft 365 and Dynamics systems seamlessly integrate cloud platform and other services to allow users to collaborate, communicate, and manage customer service in an efficient manner.

Furthermore, Apple is revolutionizing the business world with their unique products. Their hardware, software, and services are designed to meet the needs of business users and give them the edge they need. Additionally, their signature mobility solutions, such as the iPad, have enabled companies of all sizes to stay connected and productive on the go.

  • Microsoft 365.
  • Dynamics systems.
  • Hardware, software, and services.
  • Mobility solutions.

3. Booming in Business: The Growth of the UAE's Software Firms

3. Booming in Business: The Growth of the UAE’s Software Firms

In recent years, the UAE has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the software industry. This expansion has been driven largely by the UAE’s government’s strong commitment towards making technology a major driver of its economic development. From investing in start-ups to rolling out favourable corporate laws, the government is creating inviting conditions for budding software entrepreneurs.

As a result, there has been a boom in the number of software firms in the UAE. From established corporations to ambitious start-ups – businesses from across the globe are now flocking to the country. These businesses are not only capitalising on the rapidly growing ICT infrastructure but also bringing opportunities for employment and innovation. As of 2020, the software sector in the UAE has reached a value of 1.9 billion USD with a potential to reach 5.5 billion USD by 2024.

  • Software firms in the UAE are seeing unprecedented growth due to the government’s support for technology.
  • Corporations and start-ups from across the world are flocking to the UAE for lucrative opportunities.
  • The software sector of the UAE is expected to reach a value of 5.5 billion USD by 2024.

4. Unstoppable Progress: How Far Have We Come?

The term “unstoppable progress” certainly rings true as we are reminded of the incredible strides we have made in recent times. It’s quite remarkable the sheer breadth of advancements that humanity has achieved in such a short amount of time.

Advancements In Science & Technology

  • Modern medicine has saved countless lives and improved quality of living
  • We now have greater capacity to communicate and collaborate with one another
  • Huge advances have been made in computing, leading to higher efficiency and productivity
  • The internet has opened up countless opportunities for growth and culture

Social Progress

  • We have seen the emergence of gender equality and non-discrimination across many parts of the world
  • Low-cost, efficient energy sources such as solar are becoming increasingly accessible
  • Life expectancy trends are increasing, providing greater longevity and improved quality of life

It is no wonder that, as a collective species, we have paved the way for progress to become, seemingly, unstoppable. This progress serves as evidence that, no matter the circumstances, we are all capable of forging ahead together towards accomplishment.

UAE’s strong incentives for companies, coupled with its rapidly growing tech landscape has made it an attractive destination for software development. For the companies mentioned in this article, they’ve made it to the top and are here to stay. Success isn’t created overnight, but with commitment and innovation, any startup can write its own success story. And these software firms in the UAE are just the beginning.


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