UAE Software Firms Earn Top Ten Ranking

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The United Arab Emirates has once again proven to be a major player in the global software industry as a collection of top-tier UAE software firms have earned a place in the Top Ten ranking of the world’s largest software companies. With their innovative and superior software solutions, these UAE-based companies have established their place among the titans of tech, marking yet another major success for the nation.
1. UAE Platforms Shine in Global Software Rankings

1. UAE Platforms Shine in Global Software Rankings

The United Arab Emirates has seen significant growth in the software industry, helping to create a culture of excellence in the region. Among the leaders of this revolution in software development are multiple platforms, who have been recognised in global rankings for their outstanding work.

Topping the list of UAE-based platforms is Ufirst, a software development company that has produced some of the world’s leading applications. Ufirst’s applications have been featured in both the App Store’s and Google Play’s Top 10 list. Along with Ufirst, Kroizz is also making big waves in the software industry, with their innovative approach to software engineering. They have won several awards for their dedication to solving complex problems.

  • LanCi
  • Tally’s
  • Anon Tech
  • Amytis Code

Additionally, other UAE-based software platforms such as Lanci, Tally’s, Anon Tech, and Amytis Code have also seen great success. These platforms have garnered praise for their intuitive solutions and fresh perspectives on the software market. With the development of these platforms, UAE has become known as a global leader in the software industry.
2. Top Ten Finish for the UAE

2. Top Ten Finish for the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has made a remarkable achievement recently in international sports competitions. At the 2019 Arab International Athletics Championship, they finished in the top 10 bottom countries in the rankings!

This impressive feat was made possible due to the hard work of each and every individual involved, from the athletes who trained hard for the competition all the way to the coaches and supporters who cheered behind them. The Emirates earned a total of 53 medals in 8 different sporting categories, including marathon, triathlon, and track and field events. Among their accomplishments, the team managed to take home 5 gold medals and 23 silver medals.

  • Marathon: 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Triathlon: 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 5 Bronze
  • Track and Field Events: 2 Gold, 16 Silver, 13 Bronze

This remarkable performance shows the dedication of the UAE in international sports and the potential of the country to excel in such an endeavor. This is a huge moment for the country and an inspiring example of what hard work, determination, and talent can do. Congratulations to the UAE for their top ten finish!
3. Latest Success for UAE Software Firms

3. Latest Success for UAE Software Firms

The United Arab Emirates is the ultimate destination for software entrepreneurs. Boasting world-class software companies like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, UAE software firms are guaranteed success. With a favorable economy and cutting-edge infrastructure, many tech firms are attracted to the UAE.

The recent growth in the number of successful UAE software firms has been remarkable. The top firms are producing revolutionary products that are making huge changes in our everyday lives:

  • Software Company 1: Providing enterprise solutions for corporate customers.
  • Software Company 2: Research and development of applications for smart devices.
  • Software Company 3: Developing innovative medical software for hospitals and clinics.
  • Software Company 4: Creating powerful educational software that is changing the face of learning.

These software companies are creating an amazing legacy of innovation, driving the tech industry in the UAE forward. They are providing amazing opportunities to young tech entrepreneurs and furthering their goals of becoming leaders in the global tech industry. The latest success from UAE software firms is only the beginning.

4. International Success for Emirati Developers

Behind every international success story for Emirati developers lies a passion for development and innovation. Emirati developers have achieved a great deal in the last few years, both in the region and beyond. With a combination of creative ideas, digital know-how and excellent business acumen, these developers have transformed many industries and created unique digital paths.

There are many noteworthy achievements that have been achieved by Emirati developers, from launching digital platforms to international coding competitions. Leaders in their respective fields, Emirati developers have:

  • Built applications for two of the world’s biggest companies – Amazon and Microsoft.
  • Established multiple international software companies helping to expand their regional presence across multiple continents.
  • Facilitated anonymous electronic voting in UAE Elections.
  • Conducted AI-based research for international organisations, leading to breakthroughs in healthcare, finance and more.

The success of Emirati developers is evidence of the power of technology, creativity and determination. By striving to create impactful developments and contributing to the ever-expanding international technology scene, Emirati developers are very much set to make waves on the world stage.

As software development continues to progress, the UAE is poised to benefit from continued success in this field. With their consistent efforts, fraudulent practices, and top-notch software products, UAE software firms are setting themselves apart from the pack and ensuring that their reputation for excellence continues.


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