UAE’s Top Ten Software Firms: TDR Ranking

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Are you an ambitious entrepreneur or technology-minded individual who is exploring the vibrant software development industry within the United Arab Emirates? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here we will reveal the top 10 software development companies across the UAE as ranked by the 2017 Technology and Digital Review. Find out who made the cut and learn more about the players who are at the top of the game right here!
1. Analyzing the Top Software Companies in the UAE

1. Analyzing the Top Software Companies in the UAE

The UAE is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and the software industry is a key contributor to its growth. Companies in the industry are always striving to be the best in their field, and while it is difficult to identify the top software companies in the UAE, here are some of the leading software companies vying for the top spot:

  • Microsoft Emirates
  • Saba Software
  • Activa Software
  • Khoros Software
  • OnLine Software Solutions

These companies are all making great strides in the software industry, with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. Microsoft Emirates has been creating enterprise-level solutions for years, while Saba Software is a leader in online collaboration. Activa Software provides custom software to customers, while Khoros Software specializes in creating mobile apps and online gaming solutions. Finally, OnLine Software Solutions offers a range of software and services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

2. UAE's Ten Best Software Firms: TDR Ranking

2. UAE’s Ten Best Software Firms: TDR Ranking

The TDR Ranking of the ten best software firms in the UAE is out and the results are outstanding. Here’s a list of the ten who have secured their places at the top.

  • Daktronics Technologies UAE, a company that specializes in audio-visual display systems
  • Thales Group UAE, a provider of mission-critical safety systems, digital identity and security solutions
  • Eduapp Technologies UAE, a start-up that creates educational and technological products to assist schools in teaching effectively to students
  • SharpMind Technologies UAE, a company that provides smart cloud-based office solutions
  • TECSYS UAE, an enterprise class supply chain software solutions provider
  • INCITZ TECHNOLOGIES UAE, a leading provider of professional security and surveillance services
  • GLOBALSAT UAE, a provider of global satellite tracking and communication services
  • RAYE7 TECHNOLOGIES UAE, a mobile technology provider offering secure and reliable services
  • AMIRACLE TECHNOLOGIES UAE, a company focused on the development of web-based services
  • CHERRY Chernoloji UAE, a company that develops digital content management solutions

Each of these software firms have made remarkable contributions to the UAE’s thriving IT industry. The competition was tough, but these companies have managed to make a name for themselves in the region.

3. Analyzing the Companies in the TDR Ranking

3. Analyzing the Companies in the TDR Ranking

For investors, it’s important to get a good understanding of the companies featured in the TDR Ranking. Analyzing these companies’ financial data is essential for finding out if they’re a good fit for your portfolio. Here’s a quick look at what you should consider:

  • Financial Analysis. This includes analyzing the company’s balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and key ratios.
  • Industry Analysis. See if the company’s sector or niche is in good standing – then keep track of any changes or trends.
  • Product Analysis. Evaluate the quality of the company’s products or services and whether they can compete with other businesses.
  • Competitor Analysis. Have a look at who the company’s competition is and what strategies those businesses are using to succeed.

Don’t forget to consider other important factors such as the company’s management, market conditions, and their future outlook. A holistic approach to evaluating the businesses in the TDR is the best way to decide whether they’re a good fit for your investment portfolio.

4. Making Sense of the UAE Software Firms Competition

In the UAE, software firms have been vying for recognition and dominance in the technology sector. With the market becoming increasingly competitive, navigating and understanding the competition is becoming an pertinent task for startups and tech companies of all sizes.

  • Define Your Niche – Before even entering the competition, one must ask themselves how their company’s offerings are unique and different from those of their competitors. Leveraging these points of differentiation can help you make the most of a software firm’s limited resources.
  • Keep an Eye Out – It’s important to stay informed about the trends in the software market. Understanding the roadmap and objectives of both local and international firms is key to crafting a sound strategy for staying ahead in the competition.
  • Harness Connections and Resources – Having strong relationships with other firms in the country and region can be instrumental in accessing relevant resources and knowledge. It’s also important to make sure to tap into national, regional and international funding sources in order to get a leg up in the competition.
  • Develop an International Mindset – With more companies expanding globally, an international mindset is required in order to stay relevant amongst competition. This means having a pulse on the changing trends in the market, the types of technologies being used in different parts of the world, and the different customer preferences.

Overall, requires a combination of resourcefulness, foresight, and a deep understanding of the market and customer needs. As the market continues to grow, it’s critical for firms to stay alert and invest in the appropriate initiatives to remain competitive.

From Software development and IT consultation to AI and cloud-based solutions, UAE’s Top Ten software firms are changing the tech landscape of the seven emirate states. With their vibrant innovation and dedication to excellence, these firms have become a go-to for all business needs. So if you’re looking for reliable and dependable cutting-edge technology, these ten firms have you covered!


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