Cloud Services Offerings in the UAE

Embark on a cloud journey with MMB, where we not only grasp your current business but also shape your future. We have experience with popular cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. We can create tailored solutions that match your business strategy.

Our experts can assist you with various aspects of migration. They can help you build web applications, assess your applications, analyze your costs, and find the best platform for your business.

Simply put, management involves the tasks and processes necessary to upkeep business applications and supporting resources. For comprehensive management, Azure offers numerous services and tools that collaborate seamlessly.

Microsoft Azure is an online service provided by Microsoft. It offers various services such as data backup, infrastructure support, and disaster recovery for Windows servers. It also includes DVR data backup. The Microsoft Azure management services offered by Cloud Solutions in UAE prove beneficial across various management aspects essential for maintaining any application or resource.

Each management area plays a constant role from the initial use of a resource until its cessation.

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    Cloud Solution Provider

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Productivity suites handle everything smoothly. This includes work tools, customer tracking, and employee management. Additionally, we utilize CRM software, HRM software, and efficient data handling.

    One has the option to utilize these applications through either a program or a web browser – the choice is at your discretion. However, the noteworthy aspect is that your primary focus remains on utilizing the software.

    The provider handles everything, including managing the network, servers, operating systems, storage, simulation, data, and application capabilities. Possessing a backstage pass equates to the enjoyment of the performance while ensuring that all operations run seamlessly. The designers of these apps ensure that everyone can use them easily.

    Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    With PaaS, you have more control compared to SaaS. Having your own space in the cloud, starting from the operating system is like. PaaS lets you put your applications into the cloud using the languages, libraries, services, and tools the provider supports.

    You have control over your applications, data, and the setup of the hosting environment. However, the provider takes care of the heavy lifting – managing and controlling the network, servers, operating systems, and storage. Possessing a designated area is akin to having someone who ensures its optimal maintenance.

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    With IaaS, you can create your virtual network. This network is separate from others. Being an architect for your digital world is like.

    In this space, you do everything to make your software work on the cloud. This includes running an operating system and setting up processing, storage, and networks.

    IaaS gives you a bit of control over some networking parts, like host firewalls. Allow me to bring your attention to the following information. Some providers even throw in extra goodies like monitoring, automation, security, load balancing, and storage strength. Having your digital toolbox ensures that it is full of everything you need to build something amazing.

    Anything as a Service (XaaS)

    Let us delve into the topic of XaaS, where the possibilities are extensive. Unlike the main three we chatted about earlier, XaaS doesn’t stick to specific boxes. Like a buffet of services, each offering something unique and focused. Think of Disaster Recovery, Communications, and Monitoring as specialized superheroes in the digital world, each with its superpower.

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    Cloud Computing In UAE

    Businesses are choosing remote computing for its compelling advantages:

    • Cost-effectiveness: Operate on a pay-per-use model, removing upfront investments.
    • Expansion Capability: Seamlessly scale solutions to accommodate growing business needs.
    • Security: Prioritize data protection with exceptional digital services security.
    • Flexibility: Tailor online solutions to specific business requirements.
    • Ease of Use: Designed for user-friendliness, allowing focus on business operations.
    Cloud Services

    Our previews projects

    Cloud-Managed Services Expertise


    Comprehensive guidance on online infrastructure-based decisions, technologies, and implementations for your cloud infrastructure services.


    Empower your transformation potential while minimizing complications and risks.


    Specializing in managed virtual services for the entire range of Azure and AWS online solutions.

    Cloud Services - Computing
    Cloud Services - Cloud managed Service


    Enhance speed and availability with third-party tools and pre-built templates tailored to specific workloads.


    Consistent, high-quality online infrastructure management focusing on standardization, automation, and governance for enhanced performance, reliability, security, and compliance.


    Prepare for the use of scalable web applications by setting up important elements like network design and identity federation.

    Why Digital Hosting?

    In the ever-evolving world of digital technology, the significance of digital services is becoming increasingly central. They offer different solutions to meet various needs. Some of these solutions include Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Office 365.

    These solutions cater to different requirements such as data storage and web-based email usage. With options like private, public, and hybrid, businesses can choose the right fit for their unique requirements.

    Services like virtual machines and Function as a Service (FaaS) enhance operational flexibility. Additionally, the multi-solution approach and various service models provide versatility and scalability. Embracing these types of virtual services ensures that organizations stay agile and competitive, adapting quickly to evolving technological landscapes and customer needs.

    Cloud Services - mmb

    Why Choose MMB as your Cloud Service Provider?

    MMB stands as a leading choice for unparalleled digital solutions, backed by a commitment to innovation and reliability. Choosing MMB as your hosted solutions provider unlocks a host of advantages tailored to meet your digital aspirations:

    • Seamless CMS Integration:
      MMB excels in integrating online storage solutions with robust Content Management Systems (CMS), ensuring a cohesive digital ecosystem. Explore the synergy of internet-enabled solutions and CMS on our dedicated CMS Development Service.
    • Enhanced UI/UX Design Services:
      Elevate your cyber solutions experience with MMB’s focus on intuitive UI/UX design. Our design services not only enhance user interaction but also optimize your virtual solutions functionality. Discover more on our UI/UX Design Service.
    • Comprehensive Web Development and Design:
      MMB’s web solutions extend seamlessly to comprehensive web development, providing a holistic digital solution. Delve into the details of our web development services on our Web Development and Design Service.
    • Integrated Data Security Measures:
      Security is paramount in online storage, and MMB ensures robust protection through integrated data security services. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to safeguarding your digital assets on our Data Security Services page.

    Choose MMB as your cyber service provider. They offer advanced digital solutions and a comprehensive approach.

    This includes CMS, UI/UX design, web development, and data security. Our seasoned team of professionals dedicates themselves to optimizing your digital journey. Trust MMB for an online solution experience that transcends expectations.

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    FAQs for Cloud Services

    What are the benefits of cloud computing?

    It offers a myriad of benefits, including cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, enhanced collaboration, seamless resource access, innovation promotion, improved disaster recovery, streamlined IT management, automatic updates, enhanced security, and the ability to focus on core business functions.

    How do I know if the cloud is right for my business?

    Determine if it is right by assessing your needs, goals, flexibility, scalability requirements, cost-effectiveness, remote access needs, data security, and the ability to scale resources based on demand. Consult with cloud experts for an informed decision.

    When should I start considering cloud hosting?

    Consider virtual hosting if facing challenges with on-premises infrastructure, scalability issues, or seeking cost-effective solutions. Cloud hosting becomes compelling for businesses expanding, embracing remote work, or requiring rapid deployment of resources for enhanced performance and agility.

    What is cloud computing in detail?

    Cloud computing delivers services over the internet, providing resources like computing power, storage, databases, networking, analytics, and software. It eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and is categorized into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

    What are cloud computing basics?

    Cloud computing basics involve delivering computing services over the internet. It includes on-demand resources like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. Users access and utilize these resources without physical infrastructure, paying for what they use. Known for scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, online storage transforms how businesses manage IT resources.

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