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As the premier e-commerce development company in UAE, we possess extensive expertise in the latest open-source technologies, including Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce. Our wide-ranging experience in custom e-commerce development services in UAE positions us as the ideal choice for all your needs.

At MMB, recognized as the most reliable e-commerce development agency in UAE, we are committed to delivering clean and highly efficient e-commerce solutions to our clients throughout Dubai. We specialize in crafting mobile-responsive and robust online stores and applications that seamlessly function across all platforms, including iOS and Android. Our dedicated team of skilled e-commerce developers in UAE collaborates closely with clients to create scalable and sturdy online stores, both for web and mobile.

We provide comprehensive custom EC web design services in Dubai to a diverse clientele, including SMEs and large-scale businesses across Dubai. Our services enable businesses to showcase their products and services effectively on the internet, helping them stand out in the digital marketplace. With extensive experience in all facets of digital commerce development, we offer you practical, off-the-shelf solutions for your business requirements. Whether you need a straightforward digital commerce website or a complex B2B or B2C EC portal, shopping cart development, or payment gateway integration, we have the expertise to meet all your online business needs.

Ecommerce websites and online stores have proven to be invaluable for customers worldwide. The proliferation of online stores and online business  websites is a testament to their effectiveness. In recent years, an increasing number of EC business owners have opted for custom EC application development services over other available options. Stay on the cutting edge of online shopping trends by choosing MMB services and watch your Ecommerce business in Dubai, UAE, flourish.

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    Our E-commerce Development Services in UAE

    Magento Development

    E-commerce Development Company - magento
    Discover highly scalable, strong, and complete Magento solutions in UAE provided by MMB. Our services are designed to make managing your online store effortless while delivering an engaging user experience to your customers. Whether you’re considering a new online store or aiming for Magento development, our versatile development team is dedicated to providing ideal solutions tailored to your needs.

    We prioritize understanding your core requirements and translating them into effective solutions. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch development services to our valued clients worldwide.

    Woocommerce Development

    E-commerce Development Company - woocommerce
    As a prominent WooCommerce development company based in Dubai, MMB holds extensive expertise in constructing online stores that are both scalable and robust. Throughout the years, we’ve assisted businesses from all corners of the globe in transforming their websites into thriving sales platforms through meticulous WooCommerce customization and enhancements.

    Our offerings encompass an array of features, including seamless payment gateway integration, a user-friendly checkout process, and powerful ecommerce plugins that enhance the functionality of WooCommerce websites. Our services cater to businesses of all sizes, spanning from small startups to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations.

    Shopify Development

    E-commerce Development Company - Shopify

    As a comprehensive Shopify development firm located in UAE, we recognize that you and your online stores are unique, and tailored to your specific goals. Our certified Shopify development teams are dedicated to providing personalized solutions throughout the entire development process.

    With over 12+ years of expertise in crafting high-revenue online business stores, our team of seasoned developers strictly adheres to Shopify’s standards, creating and customizing themes from the ground up. We are also committed to assisting you in upgrading your website whenever new versions are released. Moreover, we continually monitor your site’s performance and offer the necessary support to ensure the smooth operation of your website throughout its lifetime.

    Custom Ecommerce Development

    E-commerce Development Company - custom ecommerce website development

    Our tailored website development services in UAE are centered around establishing a brand-new online store to extend its reach to a broader audience. At MMB, we leverage our expertise and experience in website design, development, and marketing to offer precisely the right solutions that drive success for your business.

    Our dedicated web development team meticulously assesses the client’s needs and adheres to the highest quality standards to create an engaging website from scratch. We optimize your corporate website in alignment with your industry’s vision, mission, and the demographics of your target audience.

    Custom Ecommerce Development

    Wondering what custom web development is? Let me simplify it for you. It's like tailoring software systems specifically for certain organizations, functions, or users. The main aim? To meet the unique needs of a company or business.Let's talk numbers - about 4 percent of total retail sales happen offline, but online spending? That's a whopping 18.6 percent of the growth. No wonder many businesses are diving into website development.Picture this: online businesses are now jazzing up their game with video content and AR technologies. It's not just about selling; it's about giving a top-notch experience to customers, old and new.Now, not all websites need to be custom-made. Off-the-shelf solutions work for many. But here's the scoop: businesses going for custom development enjoy some sweet advantages.

    E-commerce Development Company

    Importance of A Custom Ecommerce Website

    Thinking of giving customers a bunch of choices for customizing products? Well, getting a custom website is the way to go. Imagine you run a T-shirt store – you’d want customers to pick and choose fonts, graphics, colors, and sizes for each shirt, right?

    And here’s the kicker: if you plan on setting different prices based on those customizations, out-of-the-box systems won’t cut it. They just can’t handle all those options for one product. That’s why going for a custom EC website is the smart move.

    1. The Integration With Backend Software Solutions

    When it comes to ecommerce websites, it’s often necessary to connect with existing or other software systems. Let me break it down for you: if you’re using an order entry system to manage your back-end business orders, you’ll eventually want to link it up with your ecommerce website. The good news? Integrating these systems with custom websites is usually an easy and simple task.

    E-commerce Development Company

    2. Specific Industry Rules

    one industry’s dos and don’ts can be quite different from another’s.

    Take, for example, shipping rules. Some places ban shipping items like gasoline and airbags domestically, while internationally, shipping dry ice and aerosols might be a no-go.

    Now, if your business deals with products on this list, it’s a smart move to go for a custom ecommerce solution. Why? Because it ensures that your business plays by the shipping standards set by your industry.

    3. Flexibility

    Off-the-shelf software solutions have a big downside – businesses using them have to fit into the pre-set mold of the software. Even if you go for extensible systems, your business still has to operate in a way that might feel like a big hassle.

    Now, contrast that with businesses using custom-made software. They get to design a system that perfectly fits their business needs. This not only spruces up how products are showcased but also smoothens back-end operations and payment processes.

    4. Security

    One more hitch with standard off-the-shelf software? Often, they come with security problems. But here’s the good news: opt for a custom software solution, and you won’t have to worry about such issues.

    Businesses need to know this: with custom software systems, you can amp up your security beyond the usual industry standards. That means a higher level of security for both you and your customers.

    5. Less Maintenance Costs

    Thinking of going for an off-the-shelf software system for your ecommerce business? Brace yourself for spending hundreds of dollars or more on maintenance. Now, flip the coin – businesses going for custom ecommerce software solutions dodge those hefty maintenance fees.

    And here’s a sweet bonus: no hidden or extra charges when you invest in a custom ecommerce software system. Plus, remember, with custom ecommerce software, there are no planned updates or upgrades to stress about for your business.

    E-commerce Development Company​ - Less Maintenance Cost

    Our previews projects

    Our Process

    Right from the start, you’ll be talking to one of our eCommerce web experts, guiding you every step of the way. We kick off with strategic planning and continue until your website is launched, ensuring your satisfaction. If not, we’ll redo your project.


    • Business analysis
    • Platform selection
    • Strategy
    • Getting client approval


    • Coding
    • Mockup & page layout creation
    • Review
    • Approval cycle


    • Preparing test cases
    • Testing
    • Review by the QA team
    • Approval cycle


    • Launch
    • Performance monitoring
    • Maintenance
    • Post-deployment support
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    Why Choose MMB Your E-commerce Company in UAE​

    At MMB, we stand out as your premier choice for Ecommerce solutions in the UAE. Here’s why you should partner with us:

    • Expertise in Website Development and Design

    Our dedicated team of professionals brings a wealth of experience in crafting compelling websites tailored to your business needs. We specialize in user-friendly designs that enhance the online shopping experience.

    • Comprehensive UI/UX Services

    With a focus on user satisfaction, our UI/UX services ensure that your website not only looks great but also provides a seamless and enjoyable navigation experience for your customers.

    • Cutting-edge Cloud Services

    Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our top-notch cloud services. We leverage the latest cloud technologies to enhance the scalability, flexibility, and security of your online business platform.

    • Robust Cybersecurity Services

    Security is paramount in EC. MMB offers robust cybersecurity services to safeguard your online business, ensuring the protection of sensitive customer data and maintaining trust.

    • Tailored CMS Development Services

    Our Content Management System (CMS) development services empower you to manage and update your online store effortlessly. Enjoy flexibility and control over your content with our customized solutions.

    • Innovative Mobile App Development Solutions

    Cater to a mobile-savvy audience with our innovative mobile app development solutions. Extend your online business reach by providing a seamless and engaging mobile experience to your customers.

    • Strategic IT Consulting Services

    Looking for guidance in aligning your IT strategy with your business goals? Our IT consulting services provide strategic insights and solutions to optimize your digital commerce operations.

    Ready to elevate your Ecommerce game? Check out our Website Development and Design Agency to discover the full range of services we offer, including UI/UX services, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity Services, CMS Development Services, Mobile App Development Solutions, and IT Consulting Services. Partner with MMB for a thriving EC presence in the UAE.

    FAQ about E-Commerce Development

    What do I need to develop an eCommerce website?

    To develop a successful eCommerce website, you'll need a few key components:- Domain Name: Choose a memorable and relevant domain name for your online store. - Hosting Provider: Select a reliable hosting service to ensure your website is accessible and performs well.- E-commerce Platform: Choose a suitable e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento based on your business needs.- Payment Gateway: Set up a secure and convenient payment gateway to facilitate transactions.- Product Images and Descriptions: Create high-quality images and compelling product descriptions to showcase your products effectively.- Security Measures: Implement robust security measures to protect customer data and ensure safe transactions.- Responsive Design: Opt for a responsive design to provide an optimal user experience across various devices.- SEO Strategy: Develop a solid SEO strategy to enhance visibility and attract organic traffic.

    Which website builder is best for E-Commerce?

    The best website builder for e-commerce depends on your specific requirements. Here are a few popular choices:- Shopify: Ideal for beginners with a user-friendly interface and a range of customizable templates.- WooCommerce: A WordPress plugin offering flexibility and scalability.- Magento: Suited for larger businesses with complex needs and high customization requirements.- BigCommerce: Known for its robust features and scalability.Choose the one that aligns with your business size, goals, and technical expertise.

    How much does it cost to build an E-Commerce website?

    The cost of building an e-commerce website varies based on factors such as platform choice, design complexity, features, and ongoing maintenance. Generally, it can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It's advisable to outline your specific needs and consult with a web development professional for an accurate estimate.

    Which is the best e-commerce website platform?

    The best e-commerce platform depends on your business requirements. Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce are popular choices, each catering to different needs. Assess your business goals, budget, and technical expertise before making a decision.

    What does an eCommerce developer do?

    An eCommerce developer specializes in creating and maintaining online stores. Their responsibilities include:- Website Development: Building and customizing the online store's structure and functionality.- UI/UX Design: Ensuring a seamless and visually appealing user experience.- Integration: Connecting the website to payment gateways, databases, and third-party services.- Security Implementation: Implementing measures to safeguard customer data and ensure secure transactions.- Optimization: Enhancing website performance and speed for a better user experience.- Maintenance and Updates: Regularly updating and maintaining the website to ensure functionality and security.In essence, an eCommerce developer plays a crucial role in bringing your online store to life and ensuring its smooth operation.

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